Tesco Visits

Sally and Leona asked if the members would like to come and visit. Our members loved the idea so it was arranged that we would go over two afternoons and we were made most welcome. As the shop had just had its refit it was a perfect time to show us around the new layout showing us where everything is now and also all the bargains that were to be had for Christmas. We all got great ideas for gifts and extra stocking fillers! There was more though, we were taken to see the office where all goods are checked in and out, prices checked and adjusted and all this has to be done before the store opens. It’s not an easy task. Then we went through into the back store, this is where the heavy work goes on, where goods are brought in and sorted out before being taken onto the shop floor. Sally kindly took us down into the staff canteen for teas and coffee and scones, cakes, cheese and fruit. We all enjoyed our afternoons very much, thanks very much to Sally and Leona for giving us their time and sharing their knowledge of their store. They obviously enjoy their jobs!  

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