Sports Day 2012

The Day Centre has a sports day every year and because it was an epic year with the London Olympics and the Paralympics being held, it was decided to hold an Olympics of our own. So on the 10th of August, one of the hottest days so far we once again had Union Jack bunting festooning the hall but to be fair to the rest of the competing countries there were strands with many of their flags too. Members helped to also make and colour Olympic roundels which were strung on string and hung across the hall. They also helped to make golden rosettes which were given out to everyone who attended. The games started after lunch with a Walking Race followed by Javelin. These were kindly lent to us by The Ryan Centre. Then came the Canoe race. Yes Canoe! Cardboard cut-outs were made into canoe shapes then held around the waist, everyone loved this and so many participated it took 6 heats to finally get to the winner! After all that it was time for a well earned rest and a cool down with a choc-ice. Then it was back to the games, we started off with the hammer throw, a soft ball in a stocking, this also was enjoyed but the difficulty was getting it to go forward once it had been swung around your head 3 times. At one point it was very nearly out the window which cause a fair bit of hilarity. Then it was team games of Volley Balloon! This was trying to get the balloon on the floor not keeping it up. Lastly it was the Snail Race, slowest person wins, by the time the last competitor came in it was time for tea. At the end there was a trophy given to the person or as it happened persons who had entered the most events.  These were Mary McGarva, Anne McLean, Neil McRobert and David Robertson. A funfilled day was had by all.

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