Friday 16th of August was Coronation Day Centre annual sports day. 35 members and staff took part in five events. There were three judges to officiate, Mrs Nena McLean, Mrs Pat Cuffe and Mrs Margaret McRobert kindly offered their services for the afternoon. They were the ones who decided on 1st 2nd and 3rd and their word was adhered to.

The first event was the walking race, so many wanted to take part we had to do two races. The first was ably won by Mrs Mary McGarva although Mr Neil McRobert and Mr Robin McCornack were a very close second and third. The second heat was won also by a long chalk by Mr Monty Burt followed by Mrs Agnes Dunseith and Mrs Pam McKeith. The cheers of the spectators were amazing each calling someone on it was like being in the Olympic stadium!

The second event was the balloon race. Now this takes skill! You have to hold your balloon between your knees (no hands allowed) and race to the finish line without dropping the balloon! This also proved popular and again there were two races. It fairly caused some hilarity! Again the cheers got up and some of the shapes the members got into trying to hold up the balloons were amazing. Mrs Theresa Croucher was a deserving winner of the first race with Mrs Mary McGarva and Mr Neil McRobert coming second and third. Race two was just as hilarious with Mrs Jean Brown coming first and Mr Jim McGarva came second although they did have the advantage of wheelchairs!! Mrs Rita Martin came in a comfortable third.

The third event was also a balloon race, committee and staff took part. Marion won comfortably followed by Lyn with Theresa and Neil coming joint third. Evelyn brought up the rear but to be fair it was a very close run thing!

Next up for the fourth event was the spud and spoon. Again there were two races. Now this is a very difficult one. The temptation to hold the spud with the thumb is very strong but to do so is instant disqualification! So off the first ones went, Mr Neil McRobert won with Mrs Mary McGarva and Mrs Theresa Croucher coming second and third respectively.

When that race was over the girls handed out choc ices to the participants. Everyone was ready for it too, it was warm work all this exercise! Afterwards when the breath was caught and heated bodies had cooled down a bit it was time for the second spud and spoon. Mr Billy Gellately won with Mr Monty Burt and Mrs Rita Martin coming in second and third.

The wheelchair race was the fifth event. There were four races altogether. The best way to describe it is fabulous! Everyone loves it. Once everyone is strapped in for safety, its off. Mrs Agnes Dunseith/Neil was first with Mrs Mary McGarva/Marion and Mr Robin McCornack/Lyn second and third. Then in race two Mrs Theresa Croucher/Lyn was first with Mrs Lily White/Marion and Mr Robert McCarlie/Neil second and third. In race three Mr Maurice Cronie/Neil came first followed by Mr Billy Gellately/Lyn in second place and then Mr Jim Thorn/Marion in third. The final wheelchair race was for actual wheelchair users. First was Mrs Ena Murray/Margaret then second was Mrs Jean Brown/Marion and third was Mr Jim McGarva/Lyn.

Thanks must to go the Ryan Centre who kindly lent us their rubber javelins for the sixth event. This caused quite a stir when the members saw them. 13 members took part  in the first throw. Not all at once though. Every individual had their throw recorded by a chalk mark where they first landed, then, the four furthest throws went on to a final. Mr Neil McRobert took first place with Mr Billy Gellately and Mr Jim Thorn coming second and third. Showing a great spirit, Mrs Mary McGarva came fourth. This brought the games to a close for another year and there was just one more thing to do to, present the shield to the best participant. This year we had two! Mr Monty Burt and Mr Jim Thorn. Both are relatively new members but, they entered into the spirit of the games, and made everyone there very proud of the difference the Coronation Day Centre can make to a persons life. Thanks to everyone who took part, cheered on the members and who took the time to come along on the day, it was brilliant fun. So here’s to 2014, Commonwealth Games Glasgow. Now there is a challenge for us!

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