Ne’rsday Dippers

Well, here we are at the beginning of another new year.

We’ll start by going back a few months, to a call to Alisin from Hughie McGeachie asking if she would like the, now obligatory, New Years Day Dip to raise money this year for the Day Centre.  Hughie has been doing this for a few years and raising money for various charities in the process. The event has been going from strength to strength with only a handful of folks the first year to around sixty brave souls facing the cold and lumpy water at 1pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Alisin was delighted by the offer and immediately said she herself would also do the deed. This enthusiasm was not immediately transferred to the rest of the staff though, with the typical sentence of “Are you raving mad?!!” being quickly followed by “Not a chance!!”

Given a chance to think about it and, given it was much warmer then, Lyn, Marion, Fiona, Margo and Wendy, staff members, put their names forward to help Alisin with the cause!  Once the hype started, it wasn’t long before friends and relatives were also saying they would join in.

You can imagine what Hogmanay was like! Do we have a drink and make an excuse to get out of it? Do we not drink and go to it stone cold sober? Or just be sensible, put all thought of tomorrow to the back of our minds and just have a great night.

The day dawned, sunny, oh! bonus. But as it progressed so then the rain came. Everyone was checking constantly to the north-west for a break in the weather. Thankfully it was just showers so maybe we wouldn’t have to strip off in the rain.  Once everyone was assembled at the lifeboat shed atAgnewPark, some dressed up, some in wetsuits and others just shirts and shorts, the whistle blew and the stampede began!  A rebel yell went up as the dippers hit the water! The sound of which was described as sounding like a cannon shot!

It was over in seconds! No-one wanted to be hanging around in the freezing water, so as soon as the shoulders were in the drink it was up and out! Desperately looking for friends and relatives on the shore, who had towels, coats and warm drinks waiting for them.

As yet we do not know how much was raised. This will be relayed in due course.

The Day Centre members and staff would like to thank each and every one of the Ne’rsday Dippers for their courage on the day and also all the kind folks who sponsored them and gave them reason to do it.

The total amount raised £3455.00

As a footnote: will we do it again? Well, “Never say Never!”

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