Macmillan coffee afternoon

Coffee Afternoon 
29th September ’17
It’s that time of year again… Macmillan’s massive coffee morning. We had ours this afternoon with our members and their friends and family. We had asked that everyone got out their baking bowls and bake a cake for our ‘best baker’ competition, which we thought would make a little extra if we auctioned them off after the voting. Well they rose to the occasion and the standard of the entries was very high! Double chocolate chip brownie cake, Victoria sponge, coffee and walnut sponge to name a just a few. Our own cook, Margaret had been busy in the kitchen and made a lovely cake, iced in green with ‘We Are Macmillan’ piped onto it in white icing, it was a very striking cake and well thought out. We made sure everyone there got a vote, by coming and picking their favourite cake. The out and out winner was Jessie’s butter iced chocolate sponge. Then the bidding began, at times quite competitive, with some bidders waiting until the hammer was almost down before adding another bid. Each and every one of them looked absolutely delicious but the bidders didn’t share it with us, they all took home! lol.
Fay very kindly donated some lovely raffle prizes, from pot plants, perfume, aftershave and scarves to tea trays and placemats. Oh! and as always, some sweeties and some booze.
We had 47 folks in attendance and we raised an amazing total of £455.80
As a footnote, the Coronation Day Centre is a charity too but we feel that it’s good to give back in a small way help to this other most amazing charity. Unfortunately there are not many families who have not had to deal with this horrid disease and if our little donation helps, even one of them, it’s been entirely worthwhile..

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