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Contact Name
Day Centre Manager
Alisin Boland
Coronation Day Centre,
Whitson Avenue,
DG9 7AW.

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Telephone Number
01776 706338
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2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Good clean layout. Would be good to have a link to or a google map of the Day Centre’s location in the contacts section. Maybe some photo’s inside while it is busy and being used so you can get a feel for the place and what goes on. A more welcoming and pleasant colour than the current drab olive!

    • chris collings says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you for taking the time to reply, it’s great that our blog is already getting meaningful comments. I have only approved one of your two comments about the NEW Coronation Day Centre Website. Both comments are bringing to our attention the need for a better visual experience when visiting our site. Please rest assured that all the issues that you have raised are on our to-do list (especially the drab olive ;-)).

      We were faced with a choice of whether to hire a pro to do the site for us (upwards of £200+hosting) or spend our spare time building it ourselves. We chose to spend our finances on our members and not on a flashy site. As volunteers we agreed that it’s better to get the site up and running than to wait until it’s absolutely perfect before we launch.

      We have acheived a great deal in our short time building this site and our social media campaign including:-

      * investing in a quality domain name(to make us easily findable and rememberable)
      * securing world class hosting that has uptime of 99.9%(donated)
      * Installed a script that enables the Coronation Day Centre to take ownership of their own site
      * Creating an easily navigational site for our visitors
      * 1st page on Google for our selected keywords
      * An easy way for our customers and prospects to engage with us

      There is so much more to do with our site to make it how we envision it. We want the site to mirror the exceptional services the Coronation Day Centre itself provides. We will not acheive ours goals for this site overnight, but we will.

      As I mentioned earlier we are building this website on a voluntary basis. You obviously are aware of what a website needs to make it successful. If you stay in the Stranraer area and have some spare time please feel free to get in touch. We would be more than happy to get more help on the techy side of the site. Many hands make light work as they say ;-).

      Thank you again for your insights

      All The Best


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