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Birthday Lunch

We celebrated 31 years as Coronation Day Centre on Friday 27th of July.

As folks arrived, whether in our bus or by their own transport, there was such a happy buzz around the hall.

The staff had laid the tables and decorated it the afternoon before and it was looking very summery in lemon and blue. Balloons were added in matching colours which set it all of perfectly.

A lovely three course lunch was served and the wine flowed, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

On The Wagon came along to entertain afterwards and were excellent keeping us singing along and laughing with their witty repartee.

All too soon the festivities were over and it was time to go.

We are certainly looking forward to our next birthday.



Winter Olympics

We were slightly late with our Olympics this year so instead of doing too many different sports we had a New Age Kurling competition. The team members were picked at random from a hat and we had five teams of four playing for cups filled with chocolate goodies.
Much fun was had with the jokes and lighthearted rivalry between the teams. And the highlight was a rather large chocolate covered ice lolly which cooled everyone down at half time.
The winners of the Blue Cup, with Lindor eggs, were Team Mairi, with Catherine, Brenda and George
The winners of the Pink Cup, with mini Oreo eggs were Team Fay, with Marie, Jennifer and Neil.
The winners of the Bronze Cup with mini Creme Eggs were Team Donnie, with Margaret, Sheila and Jim.
The winners of the Silver Cup with Malteaster Bunnies were Team Nena with Joan, Willa and Nettie.
The overall winners were Team Jean, with Jessie, Robin and Theresa. Who won the Gold Cup filled with Creme Eggs.

Eating ice creams









Team Mairi






Team Donnie



Team Nena



Eating ice cream


Team Jean

Team Jean,  The Winners

3 Lodges raise £1375.00 for Day Centre


Stranraer Rotary Club donate £1500.00



Inside the Day Centre

Charles Room

Charles Room

 A nice quiet room where members can watch a DVD or listen to music.

  Members can sit and relax in the sun lounge, watch television, play chess, or do a jig-saw.

Bath/Shower Room

Bath/Shower Room

Members are assisted in our Medi-bath by one of our carers. 


A wash & set or blow dry is available in our personal care room. 

Main Hall

Our main hall where meals are served at one half  of the hall and activities take place at the other half of the hall. 

Main hall for a function (Burns Supper)

Our main hall set up for a Burns Supper.


Award Ceremony

Marion McClorey, Lyn McClorey

Marion and Lyn receiving their Graduation certificates after completing their Modern Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care.

25th Birthday Celebration

Birthday Lunch Dominoe Trophy WInners

Rita Martin, Ena Murray, Jacqueline Harbison, Billy Kyle, Robin McCornick, Mary McGarva

Our Dominoe League runs all year and trophies were awarded to the winners of each month from January to June. The award ceremony took place at our  25th Birthday Lunch Celebration on 27th July 2012.

Bowling winners

Jim Milligan, Des Litle, Mary McGarva, Neil McRobert, DOrothy Affleck, Winnie Brown

Bowling competitions are run from January to June.

The Birthday Lunch trophy, The Jim McCandlish Memorial Quaich and the McLauchlan cup were awarded at our 25th Birthday Lunch Celebration.

Member of the Year 2012

Andy McRobert, Alisin Boland

The Outstanding Person, Millenium Bowl was presented to Andy Mc Robert. Andy works willingly and quietly behind the scenes, never looking for thanks or praise.

Theresa & George Fraser

Theresa & George Fraser cut the cake.