Burns Supper

Saturday 17th January was the date and Burns was the talk of the day. With the hall set up for  fine supper and a license sorted out for a bar it was set to be a good night.

The Coronation Day Centre chairperson Mrs Mairi McRobert started off “The Bletherin'” by welcoming the speakers for the evening and swiftly handing over to Master of Ceremonies Mr Ian McMaster who briefly introduced the speakers, saying we would hear plenty from them later!

Ian also said The Selkirk Grace.

The Bill o’ Fare for the night was, Traditional Scotch Broth, as a starter. Mince, Haggis, Neeps an Tatties, as the main dish, which Mrs Dorothy Affleck addressed most ably! In fact Marion McClorey, who carried the Haggis in thought she might lose her head as the knife was being so vigorously banded around. The beast of a haggis was piped in by a young piper, Harrison Gibb, watch out for that name, because for one so young he is a most able piper! Fiona Christie carried the toast, whisky of course! The pudding, Scotch Whisky Trifle was then enjoyed before oatcakes & cheese, shortbread and tea, coffee were brought out to finish a most sumptuous meal.

Mr Douglas McClure gave The Immortal Memory, which was very informative and with some humour. Then came the Toast to the Lassies! Mr John Henderson at times took his life in his hands as he miscawed the weemen! But he ended on a high note. His better half, Mrs Trish Henderson gave John a very worthy Reply from the Lassies, she did not take any prisoners either! A few of the men in the room were caught her well informed tales. Ian then thanked everyone, the Day Centre staff for the fabulous dinner and service, the speakers who gave of their time and last but not least Harrison for his piping skill. He then handed over to Mr Alan Patterson and Mr John Burnett who supplied the entertainment. Once again getting everyone on their feet to dance the Gay Gordon’s, Military Two Step etc. a very good night ended all too soon but, well, it’ll soon be next year and we can do it all over again!

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