Bingo Night

On Friday 21st of June Coronation Day Centre held a fundraiser bingo night.

As usual there was a great turnout of adults and children.

With some excellent prizes ranging from Duvets to wine, flowers and fruit to toys, hampers to vouchers and picnic things it was certainly well worth the £5 cost of the books plus flyer. Raffle tickets were also on sale for £1 per strip. There were lovely prizes to be won there too, perfumes, jewellery, biscuits, blankets etc.

Lyn started the proceedings calling the numbers and after four lines and four houses every thing stopped for tea, or coffee, which was served with empire biscuits and gingerbread which were made freshly and thoroughly enjoyed. There are never any left!

Eyes down again, this time Wendy took over the number calling, to play the remaining four lines and houses then the flyer line and house, which was an iron and a case of wine.

Congratulations to everyone who won a prize, bingo or raffle, we hope to see you all again at our next fundraiser. After all we could not do it without all your help. It is very much appreciated. A total of £825 was raised on the night. All money raised at the bingo was for the benefit of Coronation Day Centre so once again thank you to everyone who donated, members, guests and staff, be it of prizes or of their time.


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