Monthly Archives: September 2016


Members and invited guests joined in the 29th birthday celebrations at the day centre on the 27th of July. Centre Manager, Mrs Alisin Boland welcomed everyone and thanked the staff for the setting up and decorating of the hall. Which looked summer fresh in lemon and lime colours. She then asked Mr Matt & Mrs Bunty Murdoch if they would kindly cut the birthday cake. The Rev Chris Wallace very kindly said a prayer and gave thanks for the gift of a community where friends, old and new, could meet and for the food about to be served, then three delicious courses were followed by teas and coffee with birthday cake

Mrs Davidson also expressed a heartfelt thank you for the invitation. Adding it had been the Tangent Clubs pleasure to donate money towards a day trip to Malin Court, which had been attended by 51 members.

Entertainment was by Carrie and Thomas accompanied by Margaret, Amelia, Margaret and Janet.

As always the celebrations end too soon but now we are looking forward to the big 30!