Monthly Archives: August 2013


Friday 16th of August was Coronation Day Centre annual sports day. 35 members and staff took part in five events. There were three judges to officiate, Mrs Nena McLean, Mrs Pat Cuffe and Mrs Margaret McRobert kindly offered their services for the afternoon. They were the ones who decided on 1st 2nd and 3rd and their word was adhered to.

The first event was the walking race, so many wanted to take part we had to do two races. The first was ably won by Mrs Mary McGarva although Mr Neil McRobert and Mr Robin McCornack were a very close second and third. The second heat was won also by a long chalk by Mr Monty Burt followed by Mrs Agnes Dunseith and Mrs Pam McKeith. The cheers of the spectators were amazing each calling someone on it was like being in the Olympic stadium!

Gaiety Whirl

The Gaiety Theatre in Ayr was the place to be on Thursday 4th July when 32 members with 3 staff and a driver from WCT left the Day Centre at 12pm to head up to the All New Gaiety Whirl. There was a three quarter hour stop at Girvan to have our packed lunch and some fresh air then on the road again.