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Burns Supper 2013

The annual Burns Supper was held at 6pm on the 19th January 2013. The weather was particularly bad and it was thought the speakers from Dumfries who were asked by Mr Archibald, Burns Society chairperson who was also Master of Ceremonies, to come along on the night might not make it. Happily they did and proceedings were soon underway

The hall had been decorated in burns memorabilia and a St Andrews flag or two, looking every inch a tribute to The Bard himself.

Bowlers Day Out

The Coronation Day Centre has two bowling days a week. Anyone wishing to give it a try is more than welcome. Some of the regular bowlers put £1 a week into a saving account and when there is enough money gathered they arrange a trip away. Not far but out to lunch and a wee drive around the country.

Friday 18th May was the date arranged and 15 bowlers set out for Logan Botanic Gardens. The bus left the Day Centre at 11.15am and had a lovely run through the villages of Stoneykirk and Sandhead then a stop at Ardwell to stretch the legs and have a photo taken. Once back on the bus it was on to PortLoganVillage for a little look at the hotel there which is being refurbished.

Spring Fling

Friday 3rd of May at 7.00pm was the date and time arranged for the annual spring dance .

Ticket sales were very good and there was a great turnout even though the weather was not very spring like. It didn’t matter though as we were not expecting to be dancing outside.

Kenny provided the entertainment of the evening along with Tam and John Agnew who had the dancers up and round the floor in no time with a good mix of tunes.