Daily Archives: September 10, 2012

A Day visit from Lochside Thursday Club

The day centre does not only have its members through the day. A few times a year we have visitors who come along to enjoy the hospitality and change of scene.  Tuesday the 4th of September saw Lochside Thursday lunch club come along from Dumfries. The ladies and gent were certainly glad to arrive as there had been a few delays on the road. Once everyone was in and settled it was lunchtime. Today the menu was Potato Soup, Roast pork with roast and boiled potatoes, carrots, peas and apple sauce and dessert was strawberry and vanilla delight, which was much enjoyed by all. We had organised a home baking stall which didn’t last too long. All good cakes and scones as always freshly made for the day. A raffle was drawn too with lots of lovely prises. Kenny entertained everyone in the afternoon and there was plenty dancing and singing. Tea and cake was served at 3pm and all too soon it was time to say goodbye, but then again, it’s only until the next time.

Prize Bingo Night 31/08/12

The Day Centre had a bingo night with raffle on August 31st. This was held in aid of the Day Centre itself to bring in much needed funds. Doors opened at 6.30pm and it was eyes down at 7pm. The cost was a very reasonable £4 for six books and £1 for the flyer ticket, the raffle was £1 per strip with, handily, five different colours to choose from. A night’s entertainment for only ten pounds, that’s good value.

Various prizes were there to be won, in no particular order, kitchen knife set, glass work top saver, box of 24 greetings cards with a pen, basket of fruit, large washing powder and softener, mens Guinness pyjamas and slippers, vegetable box, towel bale with soap, large jar of coffee and large box of tea with 4 mugs, 12 cans Tennents lager, a wire basket full of hair products, pair of table lamps, a tin of celebrations chocolates and vouchers from both Tesco and Morrisons. There was NO cuddly toy. Really there was something for everyone.  After the first four houses were won it was tea and coffee time, or juice for the younger players. Empire biscuits and doughnuts were the order of the day made freshly in the kitchen. There were a few left so anyone, quick enough, could buy them at a mere twenty pence each. Then it was eyes down for the second half.

The flyer ticket was well worth the pound as the prize for the line was a Nokia mobile phone with £10 credit and the prize for the house was an Anthony Worrall Thompson endorsed food processor. Prizes anyone would be very happy with, the lucky winners were Donnie McKie for the line and Marion McClorey for the house.

Too numerous to mention them all, were the raffle prizes, which ranged from whisky and wine to ladies leather gloves and pictures, with sweets and cuddly toys and a large basket of beautiful toiletries.

The total raised for the Day Centre was £908.30. So all that’s left to say is a great big thank you to everyone who took the time to come along and make it an enjoyable evening and to everyone who kindly donated a prize for the raffle. Also a thank you to the Day Centre staff who gave their free time.